There are many items that are available to remember our baby's by, here are some of the things that we can offer or links to them.

Book of Remembrance

Ayrshire Sands set up the Book of Remembrance in 1990.  There is now more than one and they are kept in the Sands Family Suite at Ayrshire Maternity Unit.  The books are in a loose-left format and entries are place in date order.  There are two types of entries, one for Stillbirths and one for Neo-natals.

The Book of remembrance is a place our babies details can be recorded along with a poem or verse.  We provide the completed certificate for £1, we can also provide a dulicate copy of the ceritficate that can be sent to you for you to keep if you wish for an extra £2.

For more details or to obtain a form to complete please contact us.

Memorial Tree

To mark our 30th anniversary in 2018 we had a beautiful memorial love tree installed in the spiritual room at Crosshouse Hospital.  The tree holds little heart shaped plaques which are engraved with the name and date of a precious baby.  If you would like a heart plaque please email  There is a suggested donation of £10 each to cover the cost of the heart and engraving.

Update - We are currently arranging to install anothere tree in Ayr hospital

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